Anonymous said: I love your #endbodyshame quotes/posters. It's for all women, not just for fat women, for skinny women, for regular women; no, it applies to all. As for me, I am in the middle, and I have been told I am not curvaceous enough or skinny enough. And I hate reading things that feel like fat girls vs. skinny girls, or skinny girls vs. fat girls. Must girls always be against one another to feel better? So thank you for this, for not telling me I am not woman enough if I am not fat or skinny

Thank you! That particular poster regarding women’s bodies, though intended for women, can be applied to men too. I believe men are just as scrutinized and shamed for their bodies as women, but we as a female obsessed society neglect to debate on that issue. Anyway, I agree – society tells us that there are only fat people and skinny people and the latter is desired. What society deliberately neglects to recognize is that body type is not linear in anyway; no two bodies parallel in their weight, circumference, size, or shape. So why do we still place body type into two specific categories when there are 7 billion different and equally valid body types? So you are very welcome Anon, for who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to tell you that your body is not as genuine and credible as the next?